About TCFF

About TCFF


Thailand is a land of abundance, a hub for various kinds of agricultural products born from the miracle of nature. Thai-China Flavours and Fragrances Industry Co., Ltd. or TCFF was founded on August 12, 1988 to produce natural fragrances for consumer products and bring nature’s benefits to all. Offering a comprehensive range of products, TCFF is considered one of the first fully-integrated businesses in this field in Thailand. For three decades, TCFF has continually strived to develop quaity products from the planting process through meticulous harvesting and to extraction. In the meantime, we have played a role in developing Thais to become perfumers and flavorists to serve the consumer product industry as well as the spa business and develop widely known aromatherapy products. TCFF brings every part of the plants–the roots, flowers, leaves, seeds, wood and bark – to the extraction process, using state-of-the-art technology to add to the products’ value. We use international standard technologyand invest in research and development in order to achieve the most efficient production processes, always aiming to serve to the best of our ability our customers in both the domestic and global markets.

TCFF also works closely with Thai farmers and researchers in developing quality products. We walk alongside customers who have given TCFF the chance to do business and will always maintain good relationships and honor our customers’ trust by offering the very best TCFF has to offer.

“T is for TEAMWORK”:  At TCFF, we are committed to working as a team. Everyone — from Thai farmers, Thai researchers, customers and the TCFF staff — unite to produce good upstream raw materials. Quality material will be developed either by extracting or mixing to meet consumer demands. All four parties work as a single team to bring the best products to the market.

“C is for Creativity”:TCFF continues to develop all products whether a new scent or unique fragrances that customers want. TCFF’s research team coordinates and works with customers whenever and wherever they require creative input.

“F is Fairness”: TCFF always adheres to good practice and fairness in doing business with Thai farmers and the suppliers who deliver raw materials to us.  We cultivate these values in every member of the TCFF family and make sure they adhere to them at all times. We are also grateful to society and to the consumers who give us opportunities.

“F is Friendship”:  Last but not least, we build our business on a foundation of smiles and friendship. We are responsible for Thai farmers and business partners who are part of the TCFF family. We hold these friendships dear and spread them into Thai society so as to build long-lasting friendships.

TCFF provides a complete range of products as follows:

FLAVORS are scents that are used in consumer products including food and medicine, oral products and children’s products. FLAVOR is a natural material to which synthetic substances are added to make it as close to nature as possible. More importantly, we have FLAVORISTS in Thailand who are ready to provide customized scents tailored to the demands of customers. We have the technology to store the encapsulated odor to increase its stability and ensure it is able to withstand the heat in the production process.

FRAGRANCES refer to the smell used in consumer products including skincare, haircare, oral care, home care, fabric care and air care or any product that requires various fragrances. We have many scents for customers to choose from. We also have the PERFUMER team in Thailand to facilitate customers wanting customized smells that imitate any unique smell. In addition, we have modern tools to help analyze, imitate or develop scents, allowing us to service customers promptly and respond to any demand.

ESSENTIAL OIL is one of our prides because we can add value by extracting essential oils from plant materials using high technology. We can provide both solvent extract and steam distillation. Our essential oils are unique and of export quality. In addition, TCFF also imports natural essential oils from winter plants to create diversity, enabling customers to choose from an extensive variety of fragrances. We can ensure 100% natural quality because we use advanced tools to analyze the purity of material and ensure we only give customers the best raw materials.

Natural Extract is another product of which we at TCFF are particularly proud because it allows us to increase the value of Thai plants based on Thai wisdom. These are processed into extracts using modern technologies and procedures so that they contain essential substances and benefits. We have a Thai pharmacist team controlling every process until the extract emerges as a quality product in term of benefits and safety while also responding to the needs of consumers.

AROMATHERAPY is the product group that TCFF continuously develops. The prevailing health-conscious trend means that consumers tend to take care of their health by using natural products leading to growth in this market. TCFF has gained the trust of customers for our continuous and long-term commitment and development of AROMA products. We have a team dedicated to developing the scent line to meet everyone’s needs.

In addition to 6 main products, TCFF also offers a range of other services as follows:

Extraction service—For customers who want to extract particular raw materials, or look for particular important substances; we have a service team including a pharmacist research team ready provide you with information.

Services for making sample product—After a customer chooses any of our 6 products, the TCFF team will work on it and provide samples as required. We also help in inspection so the customer can be confident of a product’s quality before launching it on the market.

TCFF will continue to develop our products and services. To date we have been certified by the following agencies:






TCFF has been in the business of aromatic materials both from nature and natural-imitation synthesis for more than 30 years. We are proud to be a 100% Thai company and take part in bringing back goodness to Mother Nature. We see the importance of treating, rehabilitating and creating happiness for all, not only people who benefit from medicinal plants but also the Thai farmers who grow them and who have a better quality of life thanks to rising incomes. The farmers can live their life according to the principle of sufficiency economy. By so doing, we can preserve the “Thai heritage” and continue the abundance of Thai wisdom and products until the next generation.

And TCFF will maintain the our business approach


We sincerely hope to enjoy the strong friendship of our many customers forever.